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February 2015

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Home made yogurt

Yes, you can make yogurt at home without the electric yogurt maker or leaving a heating pad on all night, or buy mason jars. All you need is a ceramic ( Corningware) or heat safe glass casserole with a lid or foil to cover it, a cooking thermometer (think of Alton Brown's), a container of plain yogurt with LIVE and ACTIVE cultures, milk, your oven, and a towel. Oh, and a pot to heat the milk.

This web site explains the method, and even has pictures.

Does is it work? YES! What does the yogurt taste like? Much milder than store bought.

I made a quart's worth if yogurt last night and let it sit in the oven for 9 hours. I lifted the foil thinking, 'Oh, all I'll have is rancid mild'. But NO! It Worked! I let the stuff chill in the fridge for three hours, then put it in a jelly bag (you can use coffee filters, cheese cloth or a clean white dish towel), then sat the jelly bag in a sieve on top of a bowl. However, I did take some of the chilled yogurt out and put it over some fresh blue berries. It was wonderful! Smooth, creamy, and not as puckery-tart as the stuff in the store.

The usual yogurt that I buy is a quart of Stoneybrook Farms. That costs around $7.49. Sometimes I can get it for $6. The quart of milk was $1.60, the cup of store-brand plain yogurt with live cultures cost $1.49. (I'll keep 2 tbs of yogurt for the next batch and save $1.49.) I figure, five servings of homemade yogurt will cost about 61 cents for the first batch. After that, using yogurt kept from this time to use as a starter, it will be around 32 cents a serving! It will still cost less than store bought even when you figure in the fruit or flavoring,

Try it and let me know about the results!

Added after final results of Greek Yogurt:
Next time, I will use either coffee filters or cheese cloth. My mother's ancient jelly bag fell apart as I scraped the yogurt out of it!

The results of making Greek Yogurt are amazing. The yogurt is thick and creamy. I expected the amount to reduce, and it did by nearly half! So, unless I want Greek Yogurt, I will just be making regular yogurt.


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